These bracelets are super simple to make.


I'm using plastic beads because the holes are large enough to string paracord through. Instead of claw end clasps, you can also use round caps.

The charms are also just an extra touch for the ends and are totally optional!

Tool wise, you will need pliers and scissors.

First, trim your paracord. I snipped a piece just slightly larger than my wrist. The end clasps + chain length will also add length, so keep that in mind. I kept the piece a little longer because we will continuously have to trim it.

Add one of your end caps/claw ends. I pressed the claw onto the paracord. If you're using claw end clasps like me, you can slightly singe the cord ends for a tighter seal.

Start adding your beads!

This is what I mean by you will have to continuously trim. There will be fraying due to the beads, especially smaller ones and you will be left with fluff balls.

When you're done adding your beads, clamp on your other end.

Almost done!

Add a jumpring, then your clasps. I'm using a claw. If you want, add a charm to the chain.


All done!




Thanks for reading & happy making!


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